Gréczy-blog: Hungary without Orbán

2013 will be the last full year of the second Orbán government. Hungary has to brace itself for life after Orbán. We have to get rid of this tyrant, who was never really interested in the well-being of the country and its people. During his years at the top of the government, Mr. Orbán has become an immensely rich person due to his various positions, such as prime minister, leader of various committees, leader of his own party and his own parliamentary faction. All this money was paid for, of course, by the tax payer. Where has all the money gone? Today, Hungary is being held hostage by its own democratically elected prime minister, who has since betrayed the constitution. Mr. Orbán transformed his administration into a one-party system, which could not care less about the democratic institutions and free elections. His party program resembles that of the Jobbik, which is highly anti-democratic and intolerant. The big question is: has the opposition got what it takes to be a worthy opponent to Orbán? Will they have the strength and the inner force to say no to all of the big names from Fidesz who, thanks to their immoral attitudes, contributed to the present state of affairs? Can the opposition overcome their petty squabbles within their own ranks? This will be a long and hard battle, especially when everyone knows that the upcoming elections will not be free or fair.