For God's sake, Zsolt!

I do not want to disrespect you Zsolt (Zsolt Semjén, deputy prime minister - the editor) despite the things you have done. Even a fallen man is a man. Moreover the position of being a deputy prime minister is respectable. If you also respect it please, do not dishonour it further.

Zsolt, you are a Catholic person, that is what you claim about yourself and I do not have the right to question it. If you really like the church, do not bring further shame on it either. For God's sake, I ask you to step down.

Despite the fact that your diploma is fake you could be an excellent politician. (You are not, but you could be.) The question is not the quality of your diploma. It would not be a problem if you had no diploma, if you were talented and hard-working and self-taught, like Iván Mándy or Joschka Fischer.

The problem is that you stole. You claimed that others' sentences, thoughts and intellectual property are yours. And when it turned out that they are not, you did not apologize but you clamoured for an apology. And when it officially turned out that you stole and lied then you stated you no longer deal with this issue.

But this issue deals with you, Zsolt. Because we do think that if someone steals intellectual property he can steal other things as well. Someone who steals and does not regret it is a thief. Zsolt, a thief cannot be the deputy prime minister of Hungary.

So I beg you Zsolt: face the reality, apologize and step down. You can still do it voluntarily.

Do not worry about the government. It will be the same without you. Unfortunately.