The Gyurcsányists have beaten Fidesz

These are not glorious days for the dear leaders and for the NER (the Hungarian abbreviation for the system of the national cooperation). After the downgrade and the perspective of the absolutely trimmed funds from the European Union they achieved zero at the weekend while Gyurcsány's party got two points and Jobbik another one in the mid-term election. While losing against the Gyurcsányists is a sign, great conclusions cannot be drawn from it, and nor can tendencies be spoken of in the case of mid-term elections. But if I mentioned the compulsory victory at Lázár's town, it can be treated as a symptom at least.

If I only were a fly on Orbán's wall when he was told that in Vámosszabadi the Gyurcsányist candidate had beaten the Fidesz candidate, which sits in the assembly of the county. Of course we have the right to make faces. I would also have much better liked it if the mayoral candidate had announced his sympathy and membership in advance to so uhhh... what does it look like to groan afterwards that the winner is non other than the founding member of the DK, and never denied his sympathy, just it only has got much sense as if a male boar has nipples, because the one who was supported by the Fidesz was launched as independent just like the Gyurcsányist. On that, they have the same track record and the same opportunities, the results shouldn't be explained, even though the DK has lost with this situation.

I do not know how many spin doctors the Gyurcsánys have, but either there is no one or they have been out of their head from a dinner coma and that is why the chance was missed about what could be the recent period's most ridiculous gag. If I were the DK's Árpi Habony, then not just "our guys, boo" communiqué would stand alone on the website, but provide the whole front page a "thank you Laci, thank you Viki for the approximately hundred million free advertisement, thanks, thanks, thanks" smiling banner or gift as well.

Let the civil sphere have a strike at its shame, Orbán's stalking-horse, Csizmadia and his boss too. It could be an appropriate lesson about counter-productivity, and should be salutary for the next 17 months. Instead of this there is nothing but general poverty in ideas, which is not just DK's specific, but also of the whole opposition. Dear everybody, just ask yourselves the question, if you cannot kick the ball into the empty goal from five meters, then in 2014 on a sloping field on gerrymandering halves under desultory rules with the Fidesz's judges and trackmen, with pre-registered limited ticket-buyers how would you like to win the match?

If from the penetrating of the CÖF (the Hungarian abbreviation of the Forum of Civil Collaboration) it hasn't been clear, so I tell you Orbán has launched the campaign. Wake up bunnies!