Antisemitism: A short history of responsibility

Zsófia Mihancsik, editor-in-chief of Galamus, outlines her view of how and why Hungarian society ended up in a state where an openly racist neo-Nazi party, Jobbik, managed to get 800,000 votes in the last elections. Although a lot of people, especially on the right, denied the seriousness of the early signs of the growth of the extreme right, Mihancsik is convinced that it was this underestimation of the problem that was one reason for the present situation. In addition, in her opinion it was a grave mistake for the Hungarian right to consider communism and fascism equal dangers for Hungarian society.

Those who underestimate the danger of the extreme right, in Mihancsik's opinion, include Fidesz, László Sólyom, SZDSZ, LMP, and finally the "doctrinaire human rights protectors" who paid no attention to the content of words uttered. She considers András Schiffer one of these "fundamentalist defenders of human rights" who while working for TASZ, the Hungarian equivalent of the American Civil Liberties Union, fought for the freedom of racist and antisemitic speech and did everything to prevent any police action against the neo-Nazis."

Mihancsik considers Schiffer "the most responsible man among active politicians on the democratic side for the defenseless state of Hungarian society against racism and antisemitism." In her opinion, Schiffer's attitude and actions are "a much greater sin than any uncertainties, errors, mistakes, and weaknesses of all the socialist-liberal governments before 2010."

Many people will find it unacceptable to limit free speech, however odious. Others will take the view that the American view of free speech is simply not applicable in Hungary, a country with a history that includes the deportation of 600,000 Jewish citizens. Or that has such a history of discrimination against the Roma. Others, as some of the SZDSZ liberals often repeated in the past, believe that the problem cannot be solved by legal means. The society's attitude must change. The question is indeed very complicated.