Zoltán J. Gál: War

galjIt looks like that, after the failed European budget talks, we will be almost HUF 2000 billion short of the planned sum, dreamt up by the government. This cycle includes the period of 2014-2020, roughly the period, which, according to our chancellor, should be the start of recovery and economic growth. Once a loser, always a loser, as the saying goes, and one can already see the turnout of this process. Hungary will be denied billions of development money, which is a huge problem, knowing that everything is built from this development money. Now it is the PM's turn. Our freedom fighter has to show that he has got what it takes to be considered a serious statesman. He will be negotiating alone in the Red Zone, where no one, except the 27 head of states, will be allowed to participate. No prompt machines, no whispering in the ear, just him and the stark reality. So, what are the choices? The PM could ask for solidarity. It is the responsibility of the European Union to cater for the needs of its poorer members, is it not? This is not good enough, since the "oppressors" from Brussels could reply that it is Orbán himself, who lacks solidarity. It is him who doesn't give a damn about the EU rulings. And it is him, who is using the name of the European Union as a byword for swearing. What else can he do? He could ask for more money, saying that Hungary has been doing great with the use of development money. He could corroborate that with data and statistics. But that is not going to work, either. In order to get access to the money, you have to prove that the money is well spent. There is a list which ranks the member states according to their financial prudence and their way of using the development money. Just a few years ago, we were in the top five. Now, we can't even make the top twenty. He could still try referring to the future, saying that we have great plans for the times ahead. It's just that there is no plan. Our minister for development, a certain Ms. Németh, will not be even bothered to take a trip to Brussels so that she would be at least known to the people there. No need. Mr. Matolcsy has got the job, with the flipside that he is very well known. According to a list on the credibility of financial ministers, our very own George finished last but one. The PM is left with the heroic struggle then. No weapons, but a strong will to fight. Just a few years ago, when former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány managed to rake in more money than expected, Fidesz shouted the lack of expertise and they called for an individual negotiation for the Hungarian case. Now they got it. Let us hope they and we can get out of it unscathed.

Source: Vasárnapi Hírek