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The Secret Diaries of Viktor Orbán

Wednesday, 21st November

Travelled to Esztergom today to sign a "Strategic agreement" with Suzuki. I've signed a few such agreements over the last few weeks, with big investors. In reality the agreements are pretty meaningless. The government promises to fill the holes in in the roads around the factories, and the investors agree not to pull out of Hungary. It's just a propaganda exercise. I am trying to give the impression that we are a business friendly government.

I must admit, the roads are looking pretty full of holes. They were in excellent shape in April 2010, when Gyurcsány and Bajnai left the country in ruins, but we have been pretty slack at maintaining them since we came to power. Too busy rebuilding the country to bother about maintaining the roads!

Thursday, 22nd November

Back in Moscow (I mean Brussels) for the Budget meetings. It was nice to see David Cameron from the UK being the party pooper for a change, and refusing to play ball with the Eurocrats. I just sat back and enjoyed the show!

Friday, 23rd November

More bad news on the Economics front. Our bonds have been downgraded from BB+ to BB by S&P. This was actually unexpected. S&P claimed that it was due to the unclear policy situation.

I had a chat with the clown (Economics Minister Matolcsy) to ask his advice about how to respond. He told me that S&P are just lying! They are all connected with the speculators and banks who have been trying to ruin our country and bring down my government. Actually the economy is doing fantastically, and the fairy tale is just about to begin. I'm sure the guy is suffering from delusions, but he is the economics minister, so who am I to question his sound advice?

We published our response to the press based on this scenario!

Monday, 26 November

Another debacle in Parliament! Jobbik member, Márton Gyöngyösi made a speech in which he claimed that Hungarian foreign policy towards Israel must have been influenced by Jews within the government, and he demanded a list of all politicians who are Jews. He should have been expelled from parliament for such a disgraceful speech!

Anyway, I have a file about Gyöngyösi. I am sure his nationalist supporters will be a little disappointed to learn that he was educated in Dublin. Or that in spite of his tyrades against foreign capital, he used to work as a tax advisor for two of the big international accounting firms advising these horrible multi nationals on how to avoid paying their taxes to the Hungarian state! I shall enjoy passing this file to the newspapers just before the next election.

On a positive note, Parliament passed the updated version of the new amendments to the original amendments to the electoral law (the Lex Bajnai). If people want to vote, they will have to register in advance! I'm sure many people will think that it is not worth their while to go and queue at a notary to register to vote. And low voter turnout has always favored Fidesz! After all, we may have two thirds of the seats in Parliament now, but we certainly did not receive votes from two thirds of the electorate at the last election – not that I would admit that publicly of course.

Onwards and upwards!

Source: FreeHungary



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