Gréczy-blog: The Democratic Coalition and the two new mayors

greczyLast Sunday was an extremely important day in the Democratic Coalition's short history. Two Democratic Coalition members won the mid-term local government elections on the 59th anniversary of the famous 3:6 Hungarian football victory at Wembley. I cannot say that Viktor Orbán would now feel like the then English coach after the soccer match when the upcoming return fixture was 7:1 to Hungary. Fidesz's failure in these two towns is more painful as the winner's are from Gyurcsány's party. (Democratic Coalition was formed by Ferenc Gyurcsány, former prime minister.)

Democratic Coalition members won in Pácin and Vámosszabadi. The attendance rate was high in both places (59% and 50%). It is also notable that the two towns are situated far away from each other. László Majoros got 52,7% in Pácin, which is 16% more than the second candidate got. Furthermore, Pácin was governed by MIÉP (former far right party). Csaba Réti in Vámosszabadi won with 45%. The second candidate, a Fidesz member in the county council got 6% less. Both Réti and Majoros were independent candidates, in spite of their Democratic Coalition membership as is the general practice in smaller towns and in villages.

This success should not be overrated of course, but it sends the message that Fidesz is not invincible under present conditions and electoral law. It is unknown whether it is invincible after the electoral reform tailored by Fidesz to its current 'needs'.

Source: Facebook/greczyblog; November 26. 2012.