Where is WikiLeaks now? The country is facing its biggest uncertainty ever: as to whether the US ambassador to Hungary handed the démarche over to Orbán or not, actually is a démarche like a string, or a Cosa Nostra type dead fish wrapped in paper, or the government loyalists are right and there was no talk of any notes or messages and, on the contrary, the US ambassador was full of praises of the situation in Hungary and expressed her hopes that her own government will soon follow in the footsteps of the Hungarian government.
The communication of the government of national issues is built on the premise that any international criticism may only appear in the form of a smack, slap or a clap in diplomacy, and so far Viktor Orbán has not gotten any smack from any prime minister or leaders of international institutions during his face-to-face meetings with them; they haven’t even warned that he might get one, instead they were all smiling at him and praised him in their speeches for his efforts, and even the US ambassador to Hungary had a great time in his company in the parliament, henceforth Viktor Orbán remains the brightest star of the (political) universe.
Looking at all this from the other side, one must say that the habits and language of diplomacy of the US or actually of the entire world’s is outdated.
We are lucky in the sense that we have already overtaken the declining western world in this field as well. As we have recently seen the party (Fidesz) leader Lajos Kósa, who is also the government’s expert in devaluation and destruction of the Hungarian Forint, stated in the national television that the IMF delegation was not called into Hungary, they just showed up here by themselves, and also that the local representative of the IMF is so grossly unaware of the situation in Hungary that she should have been sent home. Let’s admit that this statement has the same magnitude as the one which states that the US ambassador to Hungary went to Orbán to say thank you; it is not by accident then that the local representative of the IMF, in her own outdated diplomatic language, stuttered that actually: „The helping hand – IMF delegation – is available to all IMF member countries, and it is always requested by the country itself”.
Gusztáv Megyesi; ÉS; October 21. 2011.

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