Hitler in Hungary

The Führer appeared among us. He was marching in the streets of Olaszliszka with comrades and supporters. (Olaszliszka is a town where a car driver was killed by local gypsies five years ago). It was nice to see Hitler personally.
This photo was taken in Olaszliszka in 2011. One of the patriotic marchers is masquerading as Hitler. As I have no experience with this, I can only imagine what influences one needs to do this. First, you need a strong decision. This has to be really strong in order to resist people who dislike your idea. But there are people who are proud of you anyway.
Once you have decided it, there is the implementation left. Clothes can be purchased in second hand shops. (The lucky ones inherited them from their grandfather). As a conclusion we can say it is not at all that difficult to dress up like Hitler.
Actually, there is not much to see on the Hungarian Hitler. He looks as he should. He might have used the Nazi salute, but that is not confirmed.
The saddest thing is that there are only happy faces around the Hungarian Hitler. Everyone is welcoming this freak.
Let us not forget that this photo was taken at a rally organized by Jobbik. It is not surprising at all that nobody is spitting at him. Apparently it does not disturb anyone that Hitler resurrected.
The ’Nazi’ as an adjective can be used regarding Jobbik without any reservations whatsoever from now on. You do not have to mince and to look for the proper adjectives. The truth can be pronounced from this point.
Jobbik is a Nazi party.
Let us admit we have known it before we have had a problem with saying it. What if we call the Nazis as Nazis and they accuse us with defamation?
We’ve got proof. They served the proof for their Nazism with the rally in Olaszliszka.
The ‘Better Future’ (a classic Nazi greeting) became a part of the present: Hitler returned to Hungary.

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