Accountability commissioner Budai accuses Bajnai of embezzlement of assets

Those 2003-2004 Hajdú-Bét cases of asset saving maneuvers raise the suspicion of a break-down crime. (Hajdú-Bét was a meat-packing company that belonged to Wallis holding, originally chaired by former prime minister Gordon Bajnai). According to Budai, Bajnai is also responsible for the bankruptcy of Hajdú-Bét. The accountability commissioner closed his investigation and passed the files to National Tax and Revenue Office.
The Bács-Kiskun County Prosecutor’s Office ordered an investigation because of bankruptcy and misuse of power in December 2009. The Tex and Revenue Office’s regional body was appointed for the inquiry.
Hajdú-Bét was one of the largest meat-packing companies in Hungary. Founded in 1992, it became a part of Wallis holding in 1999. Gordon Bajnai was the CEO of Wallis between 1999 and 2005. Hajdú-Bét ran into liquidity problems from 2003 when the crisis hit the poultry and waterfowl market. Hajdú-Bét defaulted on payments to some 600 families in the goose raising business.
The asset saving maneuvers launched by the owner (Wallis) aimed at acquiring Hajdú-Bét’s real estates instead of disbursement towards to the family businesses. That is why they raise the suspicion of bankruptcy crime. The Budai report highlights the responsibility of Bajnai as he had an influence in Hajdú-Bét management. Formerly, Bajnai told Hajdú-Bét management held all the responsibility.

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