It is no joke!!! – The Desk of the Constitution

The Declaration of National Cooperation was hanged on the walls of entrance halls of all public institutions a year ago. All other institutions and local councils were only asked to follow suit.
Now a new symbol has arrived: the Desk of the Constitution. From now on, „in order to properly circulate the Constitution to all citizens”, local councils are obliged to create a suitable space where citizens can order a copy of the Constitution, that is a desk covered with a glass sheet, a chair, a dressed copy of the Constitution, a pen, a national tricolor ribbon and some sort of decoration. Also, to put icing on the cake, a plaque must be placed above the installation saying „The Desk of the Constitution”. In a letter issued by Erika Szabó, Civil Service Secretary, there is a step-by-step instruction as to how to create the installation. The letter also specifies that it is going to be the job of one office clerk to support and service the desk. One copy of the Constitution, signed by László Kövér, Speaker of the House, can be requested by anybody free of charge through a simple application form dropped to the collection box placed besides the Desk of the Constitution.
Parliament enacted the new Constitution of Hungary – effective from 1 January 2012 – on 18 April, which then was signed, in a formal ceremony, by President Pál Schmitt on 25 April, Easter Monday.

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