Fidesz and Jobbik: One and the same

The most abhorrent aspect of Mária Stadler’s verbal assault against the former PM is that she means what she says. This is the ideology of the Fidesz. It is the mentality of Viktor Orbán. Ms Stadler would shoot Ferenc Gyurcsány. He was the man who, in the dying moments of our EU negotiations, managed to get one billion euros for development and who managed to rein in the budget deficit. He also launched a successful crisis management program, which was then continued by his successor, Gordon Bajnai. The fact that things could get so out of hand is evidence enough for the appalling behavior of the governing party in opposition. Orbán told the American ambassador:  The socialists must be destroyed. The means of destruction can be manifold: political, verbal, financial and physical. It seems that it is the last option that Ms Stadler found the most appealing. Unfortunately, this is not the case of a delusional Fidesz member not thinking over what she said. It is far more serious, since the person Ms Stadler happened to be talking to, is none other than the leader and symbol of the 2006 October riots, György Budaházy. Yes, this is the man who tried to overthrow the democratically elected government. Just what on earth is a Fidesz member doing engaging in delusional conversations with a thug? The sad truth is that the Fidesz and the Jobbik are the two sides of the same coin. What else are we to think? Gábor Vona, leader of the right-extremist Jobbik, started his political career in one of Orbán’s so-called civic-circles. Pál Schmitt, now president of the Republic, used to be a frequent speaker at Fidesz gatherings. András Bencsik, editor-in-chief of the right-extremist weekly ‘Demokrata’, and a Fidesz member himself, declared proudly that he had the uniforms made for the members of the Magyar Gárda. The weekly is Orbán’s favorite magazine. The son of István Balsai, the father of the nullity law, happens to be the lawyer of the “peaceful demonstrators”. Isn’t that strange? It is hard not to notice that the Fidesz is implementing the program of the Jobbik. It is also hard not to take note of the fact that, ever since 2006, the Fidesz has been encouraging the enemies of democracy. The Stadler-Budaházy conversation proves that it was the ruling party and the Jobbik who were behind the 2006 October riots. Of course, the Fidesz being Fidesz, they said that the lunatic words of Ms Stadler were actually helpful to Ferenc Gyurcsány. There is an old political adage which says that good governance is an effective deterrent against extremism. So why is the situation getting worse in Hungary? Is it because of Orbán’s bad policies? Why not hand out some money to the people? That would solve everything. But then, what happens to the budget and to our debt? As we can see, fighting off extremism is never easy, especially, as in Orbán’s case, when the extremism is your own creation. One thing is clear: for the words uttered by Ms Stadler, for the destruction of the country and for the dispossession of the people, the responsibility lies solely with the prime minister.Zsolt Gréczy,

Last Updated on Friday, 30 August 2013 09:11