MEP Tamás Deutsch verbally abused one of the officials of the USA

Tamás Deutsch just does not seem to rest, he keeps infecting public discourse with more and more obscenity. Following his obscene comments regarding ex-prime minister Mr Ferenc Gyurcsány (Quote: „There are pieces of shit. There are vile people. There are malevolent madmen. There are revolting dribbles of semen. There are disgusting rotters. And there is Gyurcsány” source: The Economist) now the Fidesz delegated MEP’s target is Thomas Melia, one of the foreign policy leaders of the USA.
The news that one of the high ranking officials of the US Foreign Affairs criticized the actions of the Hungarian government and of the governing parties (more details of this news can be found in our last week’s newsletter) was commented on Twitter last Wednesday by Tamás Deutsch: „Who the fuck is Thomas Melia? Why do we have to bother with this shit?”
In his interview with the news portal [origo] Mr. Deutsch said that in his opinion: „It is not about whether something is obscene or not, this is like the style of stand up comedy if you will. Today this type of humor is very well known. There is Pest style humor, dry English humor, flirty French humor and this one.” According to Mr. Deutsch he is not representing anybody with his blog posts and, to the question whether there were any discussions at Fidesz leaders’ circles about his blog posts and whether Viktor Orbán has ever commented his blogs, he responded: „We have discussed this face to face or in between three or four of us, when we met and laughed it off really.”
Although the Fidesz member Tamás Deutsch did not remember Thomas Melia, but the deputy under-secretary of US Foreign Affairs did not forget about Fidesz and its politicians. The placard with „Hejha...! Helyhatósági választások ’90” (placard remembering the ’90 local elections) was given as a present to Melia by the Orbán-led Fidesz in 1990 after the local council elections, and the placard is decorated with the signatures of 17 then Fidesz MPs. This week, following the few days before blog post „Who the fuck is Thomas Melia?” now agreeing with a respondent the new blog goes like this: „by the looks of it the role of the deputy under-secretary of US Foreign Affairs is just a joke”.
Ervin Tamás the lead publicist of Népszabadság (socialist/liberal daily), in his publication titled „Twitterdeutsch”, mentions that whatever we read from Deutsch is not a mere coincidence. „Many could have read the very obscene words coming from him and the ones mentioning Gyurcsány as the final punch line, and also one could have expected that the media (TV and radio) will analyze whether it is permissible for an MEP to do such things. His explanations were clear cut, on Twitter he is only dajcstomi (Tamás Deutsch user name on Twitter), nothing more, which – of course – looking at other situations is not that very simple, actually rather difficult, since in many cases the most private matters can become public instantly. But let us not believe that dajcstomi’s lashing out is randomly and unexpectedly – while causing a lot of harm and damages – making its way into Fidesz’s communication sphere. It may well be that Tamás Deutsch loses somewhat of his political capital and standing, but let us not forget that there are plenty of buttheads around who like this as they believe that the more barbarian is somebody , the more honest he is as well. He speaks to them. This is the resort of internal affairs from Brussels.” – quotes the publication.

Last Updated on Friday, 30 August 2013 09:11