Gyurcsány in front of the state debt investigation committee

There are three governments – the one led by Viktor Orbán, then the one led by Péter Medgyessy, and finally the first one of Ferenc Gyurcsány – which are responsible for the growth of state debt that started back in the 2000s, declared former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány in front of the state debt investigation committee, a sub-committee of the Parliament’s audit and budget committee created to investigate the reasons for growth of state debts in between 2002 and 2010.
The measures of the first government of Mr. Orbán between 2001 and 2002 in preparation for the then upcoming elections resulted in 570 bn HUF excess spending, the two 100-day action programs of Mr. Medgyessy’s government caused 817 bn HUF excess spending, while the actions of Mr. Gyurcsány’s government between 2005 and 2006 added another 512 bn HUF excess spending to the bill. All of these impacted the budget afterwards, commented Mr. Gyurcsány about the work of the three preceding governments. In total, these measures and actions generated 1,900 bn HUF excess spending – added the former prime minister.
He also declared that, in 2006, under the second Gyurcsány government there was a turn in the economic and budget policy, and an economic policy directed at reducing the budget deficit and the state debt was launched after that turn.

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