Mr Orbán would tie the hands of future governments

„There is only one aspect where I expand the scope of laws requiring two-third majority: the ones affecting the country’s economy. Make no mistake: I do tie the future government’s hand in this respect. And not only the next one’s but the next ten governments’ hands as well.”- declared Viktor Orbán to the Austrian daily newspaper Kronen Zeitung.
Attila Juhász, head analyst at the Hungarian think tank Political Capital pointed out in an interview with ATV that the way the Orbán government wanted to achieve economic stability „does more harm than good”. According to Mr. Juhász, the targets set are not only risky but, because of the continuously changing environment, they are really unfeasible and unconsummated. „The prospects of this whole thing are shaky, and it does not create economic stability” – he said, and also highlighted that that Mr. Orbán’s political opponents would fight with all their power to change his decisions. „Fidesz, after the removal of constitutional and institutional framework, now wants to set economic obligations. This is unfair; he did not get a mandate to do this. If the majority of people want to choose a different way in the next elections, then one needs to ensure the opportunity to do so. It is also Fidesz’s obligation to ask for and receive a mandate (at the next election) if it wishes to continue on this path”, said political scientist Zoltán Vasali to the daily Népszabadság.

Last Updated on Friday, 30 August 2013 09:11