Fidesz popularity erodes further, MSZP popularity improves

Public support for the governing party among eligible voters shrunk to 24% in May from 34% in January, which means Fidesz lost 800,000 of its 2.7 million supporters.
While at the beginning of 2011 43% of the eligible voters said they would not support any of the parties currently in the political arena, the rank of the undecided has by now swollen to 53%. This means more than four million people have no party preference or would not go to vote on either party. Only 35% of the respondents said they would cast their ballot if elections were held this Sunday. The electorate with party preference has not been this small since the change of regime, Szonda Ipsos said. In this group support for Fidesz declined to 48% in May from 54% in April, while MSZP enjoys a 25% support, up from 20% in the preceding month.
Far right party Jobbik enjoys a 15% support in this group, vs. 17% in April, while green party LMP boosted its appeal and scored 7% against 5% in April.


Fidesz has lost about one third of its supporters, but those who disappointed in the party joined the ranks of the undecided and not any of the opposition parties. While support for Fidesz among eligible voters eroded to 24% in May from 26% in April and 34% in January, backing for the Socialist Party (MSZP), who lost power to Fidesz at the April 2010 elections, remains steady around 11-12%. LMP also continues to enjoy a stable support (3-4% of the voters), while Jobbik stepped on it a bit and now has 7-8% vs. 6% earlier this year. While those ditching Fidesz did not become supporters of the opposition parties, the latter have taken advantage of the changes. The Socialists are now less marginalised than before and aversion towards the party has clearly decreased. While after the elections about a third of the voters flatly rejected them, now only 18% of the respondents say they want nothing to do with the party. Meanwhile, dislike for Fidesz grew to 15% from 8%.

Last Updated on Friday, 30 August 2013 09:11