The prosecution requested Parliament to withdraw Ferenc Gyurcsány’s right of immunity

The prosecution charges Ferenc Gyurcsány, former prime minister, for misusing his authority in the case of a casino investment plan in Sukoró, a lakeside village near Budapest. The Prosecutor General wants to question Mr. Gyurcsány as a suspect, therefore he requested withdrawal of his right of immunity.
Ferenc Gyurcsány commented that Viktor Orbán’s prosecution wanted him to end up in prison. Mr. Gyurcsány said he would fight with all of his personal and political means. He added he would publish all the information if the prosecution accuses him officially.
MSZP (Hungarian Socialist Party) unanimously declared on Saturday: Fidesz took over the judiciary and used administrative tools to crush its political opponents.
The Socialist Party’s directorate postponed the debate over the party reform issue initiated by the platform led by Mr. Gyurcsány.
Speaking in a press conference, the former prime minister found the prosecution’s charge absurd and the procedure unfair. He highlighted he would co-operate with the prosecution. Otherwise he does not conceal his conviction that the prosecution has strong (political) ties towards the Orbán administration. Gyurcsány confirmed he was going to ask for the repeal of his right of immunity and he was going to prove he is right. His right is the fact that he followed the country’s interests in the casino investment plan as well he acted always in compliance with the law.

Last Updated on Friday, 30 August 2013 09:11