getting started

A group of 20-30 year-old, multilingual students and young economists has launched an English website, The mission of the website is to inform English speaking foreign and domestic audiences about internal affairs, events and procedures in Hungary. The sources of the news and comments are the Hungarian print and online media and foreign media dealing with Hungary as well. According to the self-definition of the authors, the Hungarian public awareness consists of many different opinions, thoughts and beliefs. On this website they intend to provide an opportunity for alternative thoughts and news to appear in an oppressive environment where the public and private media are influenced by governmental control. The website confesses to progressive, leftist values, its technical support is provided by MSZP’s Democratic Coalition platform. The launch of the initiative was reported by Klubrádió, Magyar Nemzet, Hír TV and Népszava as well.

Last Updated on Friday, 30 August 2013 09:11