Schmitt became a laughing stock again

Mr. Pál Schmitt’s presidential program states that one of its most important parts is the protection and cultivation of the Hungarian language; he is always concerned about the deterioration of our linguistic situation. Despite all this, his reign to date has been full of embarrassing explanations caused by grammar errors he made. During his first official visit abroad, on the way the president stopped at the Paprika Inn in Hegyeshalom and left a message for the next generation on the celebrities board of the inn. The president – who wishes to include the cultivation of our language into our constitution – managed to make two basic grammar errors in one single sentence.
The president sent his remarks and recommendations for the new consitution back in November, it was also full of grammar errors. As a culmination of this embarrassing situation the president’s office issued a public statement, which said that Mr. Pál Schmitt had never seen the text placed on his office’s website. Three weeks later a publication containing six exact recommendations appeared on the same website, yet again full of grammar errors. In relation to this, Mr. Norbert Kiss – the head of the President’s Office – did not wish to answer any questions, instead he expressed his delight that Mr. Pál Schmitt and his office visibly managed to call the attention of the public for linguistic correctness since everybody in the coutry was talking about it.

Last Updated on Friday, 30 August 2013 09:11