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Only recently I wrote that the Hungarian prime minister was at a loss regarding our foreign policy. And now,, the always reliable and high-quality website, made me attentive of one of Orbán’s latest gaffes. Following a session in the European Council, the PM told journalists: „We shouldn’t do anything that could push Europe into war with the Arab countries”. He later added: „We must refrain from military action that could result in us losing the faith of the Arab peoples.” Last Friday, the UN Security Council voted for military intervention, following which a concerted military action was launched, led by the United States, the United Kingdom and France. French president Nicolas Sarkozy spoke of a ’moral urge led by universal conscience’. He also told reporters that Europe couldn’t just sit back and watch as a lunatic dictator went on killing his own people and their hope for freedom. The fact that Orbán lost yet another political battle would not be a problem in itself. The problem lies in his flawed assessment of foreign policy. Once again, he couldn’t get it right. He just couldn’t understand that it was a moral issue for Europe to stop Qaddafi. Orbán’s latest gaffe proved to be a grave error of judgement that resulted in his not being invited to Paris, where the plan for military action against Libya was prepared. Europe is getting on with the job without the participation of its current president, and without Hungary. This presidency is becoming more and more awkward and it is slowly turning into a farce. Viktor, this is not working!
Ferenc Gyurcsány,, March 21, 2011.

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