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The Secret Diaries of Viktor Orbán aged 49½

Wednesday 24 October

I read with delight the news reports in the Hungarian press that said that 400,000 people turned out to hear my speech yesterday, while only 40,000 listened to Bajnai's. Luckily nobody pointed out that you would be pushed to fit 100,000 people into Kossuth Square where I made my speech!

Thursday 25 October

Had some great news today. According to some press reports, the IMF very upset about the anti-IMF media campaign that we launched a few weeks ago. In the propaganda campaign, we are "informing" the Hungarian people that we will not give way to such unreasonable demands as property tax and reduction of family allowances. The fact that the IMF have never actually asked us for those is neither here nor there. Why let the truth get in the way of good propaganda?

The advertising campaign, is being organised by a company owned by my school friend and favourite oligarch Lajos Simicska, who is being paid HUF 200 million of taxpayers' money for organising it. Naturally there was no transparent tender process, just a quick "Hi Lajos fancy a HUF 200 million deal, for the usual commission!"

Well the good news is that the IMF has said unofficially that they have had enough, and are not going to continue negotiations with us!! I never wanted to negotiate with them anyway. I don't want these bloody foreigners telling us what to do. My friend Lajos gets a bit richer too. Everyone's a winner (except the Hungarian people of course, but who gives a stuff about them?)

Monday 29th October

Now that the IMF deal looks like it's off, we do need to find new ways of raising money to cover our budget deficits. I chaired a meeting of the junta today. (The junta is the unofficial cabinet that comprises me and two minsters from the prime minister's office. We make all the big decisions. The other "ministers" are just there for show, or in the case of Matolcsy, as a scapegoat for when this all goes horribly wrong.)

During the meeting, we came up with the following ways to raise money:

1. Sell Hungarian citizenship to rich foreigners from outside the EU for Euro 250,000. There must be plenty of dodgy businessmen out there who would be happy to pay for citizenship in a respectable country where they can hide their ill-gotten gains. The Brits have been doing this for years, so why shouldn't we?

2. Persuade other non EU countries in the East to lend us in exchange for using Hungary as a place from which they can build up ties with the rest of Europe.

Monday 5th November

This afternoon I had a rather unpleasant experience in parliament. Tamas Harangozó, an MszP deputy said that during the 80's I had fought against the dictatorship, but now I seemed to be a friend of quite a few dictators. I tried to rebuff this criticism by stating that it was not the dictatorship itself that I objected to, but the person who held the position, and I did not appreciate being lectured to by members of a party that is the successor of that dictator! He then retorted that the reason I didn't like the person who held the post of dictator in the 1980s was because it was Kádár, not me! At this the house erupted into laughter, and I just stood there looking like a fool!

Tuesday 6th November

More bad news. The European Court of justice has overturned our law requiring judges to retire at the age of 62, stating that it is discriminatory. However, we were able to announce that since our own constitutional court had already annulled this law, the European court's verdict was meaningless. As I retorted, "why kill a dead dog."

In spite of my apparent nonchalance, the EU court ruling does worry me. Our own constitutional court made us annul the law, but did not require us to actually reinstate the non Fidesz judges who had been fired. So we thought we had been clever: change the law, sack the independent judges, and then change the law back again. But it looks like the EU will make us reinstate the sacked judges.

Wednesday 7th November

Even more bad news. Obama won the election in the US. We had made it abundantly clear that Fidesz favoured Romney. I hope Hilary Clinton does not remember that.

FreeHungary; November 7. 2012.

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