Musical Secrets at Brody House

On Friday, 28th September Johann Bayle French magician hosted his fifth Creative Circle event at Brody House in Budapest. Mr. Bayle has invited four guests: Björn Brandt songwriter and piano player, Klára Bábel harpist, Iza Széles singer and László Fonó song writer and guitarist. The four musicians shared their private thoughts and feelings on what inspires them in music and writing songs and how music can be the archetype of all art forms as quoted by Oscar Wilde.

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Björn Brandt Belgian business manager has explained how he spends most of his free time writing songs. Björn has shown the audience how easy it is to create succesful tunes based on the logical structure of accords on the piano.

Klára Bábel celebrated Hungarian harp player has explained how she started off by playing the piano at a very young age than switched to harp after seeing it being played on television which proved to be a mesmerizing experience for her. Klári has wowed the audience by demonstrating various classical pieces on both the harp and the piano. To shake the audience up after each interview, Johann has performed intriguing magic tricks between the interviews.

Then László Fonó professional tennis player and coach set down to play on his guitar a song written after a break-up. He performed in public the first time. László explained how he has got a guitar two years ago and learnt everything autodidactly. László and Björn met only five months ago and using the famous words, it was the begining of a beautiful friendship. László and Björn since then has written a dozen of songs together of which a taster was provided.

Last up was Iza Széles, ex-Megasztár finalist, who demonstrated useful practices on how to warm up the voice, then Iza sang a beautiful song also written by Björn. As a well designed finalé, the four musicians then got up to improvise and performed the same song, 'You are free' all together on piano, guitar and harp. The eager international and Hungarian audience including the likes of Zita Görög were highly impressed and content by the musical experience as expressed over a glass of wine later on.

Source: Brody House

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