Leading politicians of the Democratic Coalition (DK) among them the Chairman of the party, Hungary’s Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány has launched a hunger strike for Free Elections starting September 9th 2012 in Budapest in front of the Hungarian Parliament. gyurcsany ehseg01

The week-long hunger strike will be concluded with a Demonstration and political rally held on the 15th September 2012.
Since the spring of 2010 the governing Fidesz party had on several cases revised the rules of the elections and had in all instances done so without consulting with the parties of the opposition. The intension of each modification or alteration is to make it more difficult to dismiss or replace the presently governing party. To name a few: converting the previously held two-round voting system into a single round election, the modification of the voters’ compensation system which would favor the winner of the parliamentary seats resulting in the “winner takes all” system unlike the previous one which provided compensational votes for runner-ups, or  the arbitrary rearrangement  of constituencies. The Government’s latest proposal aim to curb citizens’ right to vote by introducing (mandatory) preliminary registration.
With this hunger strike the politicians of the Democratic Coalition would like to show an act of resistance in which they are turning to the voters, rather than to the government or the governing parties. With their passionate and self mortifying action the aim of the Democratic Coalition is to bring the attention of Hungarian citizens to the Government’s abuse of fair and righteous elections.  Their goal is to inform the widest voting public about how Voters’ Preliminary Registration is a heavy deprivation of their right to vote freely.
During the hunger strike the politicians of the Democratic Coalition will inform visitors on location about several subjects concerning DK’s point of view on the present political situation in Hungary, on the actions of the reigning government, and the alternatives offered by the opposition.

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