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“Bajnai should not postpone the decision for a long time!” - excerpt from an interview with Péter Oszkó

It is not true that everything is right with the current opposition parties and voters only wait for the great democratic collaboration; voters need something brand-new – Péter Oszkó argues. In his interview to Nol, the former minister of finance expressed unambiguously that he in no way wants to return to the front of politics before 2014 and emphasized: first, one need to find an answer to the question what the next government’s task will be and then, to choose the most proper team for the implementation.
- What is your problem with Ferenc Gyurcsány?
- Why should I have any problem with him?
- Because, together with Gordon Bajnai, you have withdrawn your participation in the free university where also the DK (Democratic Coalition) chairman would have held a speech.
- I have already attended programs where Ferenc Gyurcsány lectured. What is more, I have also acted in places where lecturers included such persons as Gábor Fodor, Attila Chikán, Mihály Kupa, Tamás Fellegi, Csaba László or Zoltán Cséfalvy but I could list other names as well, both from the left and the right. I have always preferred dialogues and reasonable public debates; one could hardly prove the opposite with regard to me. Such dialogues and debates are usually organized by non-governmental, professional or business organizations where the important thing is what is said and not the fact on which forum. The attendance at a party event means, inevitably, an advocacy for a certain party. And the referred event would have been a party conference of DK. I adhere to the principle that I gladly debate with or talk to anybody but only under party-neutral circumstances that do not reflect any party preference. So, I did not have a problem with the person of Ferenc Gyurcsány, but with the situation that I was among the actors of a party conference. If Fidesz had done the same – although I doubt that they would prefer my presence at any of their programs – I would have withdrawn my participation in this case as well.


- Would this new force be the Patriotism and Progress, i.e. Gordon Bajnai and Péter Oszkó?
- I did not say that. I only expressed that the style of each of the current opposition parties is too self-justifying and therefore, it is far from reality.  This, however, does not directly involve that I would also need to be self-justifying and to produce theories, in secret, on how to take a political role.  I do not miss politics at all. I have already made a sacrifice when I took a government position in a situation, which involved much more abnegations, tasks and stress for me than I would have had to do with if I had remained in the business life.  I think, my current public role is a sufficient commitment since I continue to assume conflicts by expressing my opinion. It is also not right that, in case someone takes a public role, he should take a political role at the same time, or rather remain silent. I did not say that only an alternative composed of the staff of the former Bajnai government could have grounds to exist here. One can and needs to consider lots of alternatives.
- Sooner or later, you should give a definite answer to the question if you want to take a role or not. It is not very elegant to shout from the touch-line how to play football.
- Since the elections, I have been telling my opinion unambiguously and made it clear: I do not want to take any political position and to compete for government positions. I do not say that I never want to take any real government responsibility, but for 2014, I do not see it to be the right time with regard to my own career. I like taking any task when I am sure that I can perform a good work. Despite this fact, I think that I have good grounds to speak about certain public life issues. I already joined the politics from the touch-line once when the match had already been lost since a long time and, with certain euphemism, I can say, I could carry out only defence or salvage tasks so that no tragedy should happen. And that I am regularly addressed: if I want to form an opinion, I should join the competition, this is a clear evidence that there is a big demand for a new alternative. This is what happened to Péter Róna as well. As soon as he said something, there were immediately attempts to drag him into the political arena and to make him a candidate for the position of the prime minister. The current political issue is not, which party to choose from the offer but the question is what the next government must do with the country. The voters can formulate appropriate expectations if they want to find a reply to this question. And it is only the next question which political force will be able to implement it in the best manner. The question is who will be the most suitable person to implement it. To avoid any misunderstanding, I do not say that experts have to manage a country. Politicians have to govern the country. But good politicians. And not such who tried to catch a government position by discrediting others and only by serving the visceral demands of voters.
- So, you have clearly declared: you will not take any role in forming an alternative in the high politics before 2014. But what is your opinion of Gordon Bajnai? Many people regarded his last public speech as an application and according to insider sources, he will announce already in the autumn that he launches a movement.
- Gordon Bajnai has also made serious sacrifices and taking a new role would involve further serious sacrifices. Knowing him, I am sure that he will make his decision as prudently as possible, considering everything. He always made clear declarations in this matter:  he said, he has not decided yet. I do not advise him anything because I know that there are too many unrequested advices in such a situation. I know that this strategic decision cannot be postponed for very long. This is what I also told him.

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