Scandal within far-right Jobbik: former deputy chairman, MEP Csanád Szegedi has Jewish ancestry

The campaign to eliminate each other within far-right Jobbik from the Hungarian political arena has shifted into a higher gear. Amid the campaign for the party chairmanship in the county of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén where Jobbik is the strongest, MEP Csanád Szegedi's  rivals dug up data about Szegedi’s Jewish ancestry using secret methods.

Szegedi's grandmother, Magdolna Klein was deported to Auschwitz in June 1944. After returning from the camp, she married to Orthodox Jew, Imre Meisels who died in the '80s. Szegedi's grandmother is still alive.


Csanád Szegedi

The Jobbik representative of the European Parliament was elected as the party's Borsod-Abaúj-county party chairman with 93% support last Sunday.
Szegedi gave a long interview to far-right newspaper Barikád in which he admitted his Jewish ancestory, which he himself was not aware of until very recently.

Source: Népszava

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