Gyurcsány: DK didn’t have business with Csaba Czeglédy

DK didn't have any kind of business relations with Csaba Czeglédy except for some legal service that the party paid for, head of DK Mr. Gyurcsány said. According to the party head Gyurcsány the case of Mr. Czeglédy was made a political issue by the governing parties.

Ignoring what Mr. Czeglédy did as a businessman, he is an excellent and brave politician. He was arrested for a case which had already been investigated by the tax administration but they couldn't prove anything. Contrary to the case of PM Orbán's son-in-law in which the General Prosecutors Office didn't find any cause to start a legal procedure after three months even though OLAF has addressed serious concerns about budgetary fraud. In this case the prosecutor wants to protect the PM and his son-in-law instead of standing up for the rule of law, DK chairman Mr. Gyurcsány said.

Last Updated on Thursday, 08 March 2018 10:59