Facebook 'blocks' temporarly video of Orban's top minister saying migrants make Vienna filthy

Facebook removed and then reinstated a video of a senior Hungarian minister in which he tried to portray white people in neighboring Austria as living in fear of Muslims in a warning to voters before his country's elections next month.
The chancellor minister has slammed Facebook after the video he posted on the site was 'banned'.

Janos Lazar was being filmed during a visit to Vienna when he made controversial comments about immigrants living in the city.
"Vienna has become a worse place because of the refugees," he says in the video, which was published Tuesday on his Facebook page.
"Evidently the streets are dirtier, evidently the area is poorer and there's lots more crime," he continues while walking though the Favoriten district. The quarter has the fourth highest foreign population in the city according to official figures, although most Viennese residents with a foreign background come from Serbia, Turkey and Germany.
He goes on to say that Hungarian cities would also deteriorate should opposition parties win national elections in April and "let in the migrants".
"The white Christian Austrians have moved out already from this part of the city, and the immigrants have taken control," says the former Fidesz party leader .
According to Mercer's 19th annual Quality of Living survey published last year, Vienna ranks highest for quality of living for the 8th year in a row.
Mercer's authoritative survey is one of the world's most comprehensive and is conducted annually to enable multinational companies and other organisations to compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments. In addition to valuable data, Mercer's Quality of Living surveys provide hardship premium recommendations for over 450 cities throughout the world; this year's ranking includes 231 of these cities.
"The success of foreign assignments is influenced by issues such as ease of travel and communication, sanitation standards, personal safety, and access to public services," said Slagin Parakatil, Principal at Mercer and responsible for its quality of living research. "Multinational companies need accurate and timely information to help calculate fair and consistent expatriate compensation – a real challenge in locations with a compromised quality of living."

Facebook restored the video late Wednesday, hours after removing the footage for violating its principles forbidding comments that attack people based on their racial, ethnic or religious identity. The video by the head of Prime Minister Viktor Orban's office, Janos Lazar, is part of an intensifying anti-immigrant campaign by the premier's Fidesz party ahead of parliamentary elections on April 8.
"Thank you, Facebook for the correct and quick action," Lazar, who also oversees Hungary's intelligence services, said in a Facebook post. He earlier said that blocking the video was "censorship" and he had protested the decision at the social-media giant's European headquarters.
Source: euronews.com; mercer.com

Last Updated on Thursday, 08 March 2018 09:02