Gyurcsány's twelve points

The head of Democratic Coalition (DK) Mr. Ferenc Gyurcsány said twelve points would be realized in case of DK coming to power after the general elections in 2018. His points were listed at the campaign start event and party congress.

First, they will remove general prosecutor Mr. Péter Polt, then they will make Hungary join the European Public Prosecutor's Office. Doctors and nurses will get pay raises and a hundred and fifty CT and MRI sets will be purchased. They will modify the election law so that someone who has never lived in Hungary wouldn't have the right to vote in Hungary. Fidesz oligarchs' fortunes will be seized and used to make reparations to those who suffered under the Orbán regime. The access to the internet will be fixed by law and basic internet service will be free of charge. DK will review the Vatican agreement, take away the privileges of the church and an independent committee is going to prosecute the crimes of the church against children.

Last Updated on Sunday, 25 February 2018 20:22