The Orban government has stolen Hungary's integrity, therefore there can be no compromise with them, Gyurcsany says

The chairman of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) party called Viktor Orban's government a criminal alliance of rotten morals, which has stolen the country's integrity, ruined its dreams and has taken the nation's honor hostage.

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Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány held his 14th State of the Nation speech on Saturday afternoon. Speaking at a downtown Budapest hotel he made it clear that there cannot be compromise with the ruling Fidesz party and its leader PM Viktor Orban. After having gone through the past 8 years, a trustworthy opposition party's program can be summarized in 4 words: No deal with Orban. No deal with them, beacause they made the country sick, they have crushed its sense of morality into dust, they see the honest person as a simpleton and theft as lawful, they wage war with Brussels and rub up against dictatorships...There exists no court that will be merciful to the Orbán government - Gyuecsany said.
Referring to the opposition Socialist Party's (MSZP) suggestion to punish with extra tax the fortunes which Fidesz-linked businessmen have stolen, Gyurcsany said that those who steal should not be taxed, but punished. Mr. Gyurcsány then added that there is but one party in Hungary (namely, his) that has never cut deals with Hungary's criminal regime. He pointed the finger primarily at the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP). Mr. Gyurcsány noted that media organs close to the Socialist Party have accepted money from the Orbán regime. (Gyurcsány was referring, at least in part, to Budapest's Népszava daily, which caused controversy in December for publishing full-page anti-migrant and anti-Soros government advertising. In 2017, government ads in left-leaning Népszava comprised fully 56% of the publication's ad revenue.)
"Those who eat from Fidesz's plate become synonymous with Fidesz" charged Mr. Gyurcsány, adding: "One cannot accept something on the one hand, and then on the other hand warn them that things cannot continue as they are."
Mr. Gyurcsány reminded his audience that DK is the only party to have announced a boycott against the current parliament, remarking: "a democrat cannot be the constructive opposition in a dictatorship's parliament, as a dictatorship's constructive opposition simply helps to sustain the dictatorship."
Mr. Gyurcsany has criticized the small LMP party for cooperating with Orban on certain issues and placing themselves a few years ago at a similar distance from Orban's dictatorship and the democratic parties. He also criticised Jobbik, who's chairman, Gabor Vona founded back in early 2000s with Orban a right-wing circle.
Mr. Gyurcsány also singled out the Catholic Church of Hungary for special attention and criticism.
Mr. Gyurcsány remarked that parochial schools today receive three times more government support than public schools or those run by secular foundations. He also added that there are one hundred communities in Hungary that only offer a church-run school, rather than a public or secular option. If returned to power, a Gyurcsány-government would address this problem.
Then, referring to a report by the Vatican from the early years of this century, Mr. Gyurcsány said that 6% of Catholic priests are implicated in the molestation of children. Mr. Gyurcsány observed that there are 2,000 Catholic priests serving in Hungary and according to his estimation around 100 to 120 may be implicated in sexual abuse–this being based on the 6% figure that he initially quoted. "What has the Catholic Church done? Nothing. In the past, only 5 or 6 cases of molestation came to light. This is the tip of the iceberg," remarked Mr. Gyurcsány. If the DK were to form government, he promises to launch an independent national inquiry into sexual abuse at the hands of Roman Catholic priests.
Mr. Gyurcsany has spoken about one of the most powerfull pillars of DK's campaign, which has to do with the problem of Ukrainian citizens allegedly receiving lavish pensions from Hungary, despite never having worked or paid taxes in the country. According to DK, the Orbán government pays pensions to "thousands" of Ukrainian and Russian citizens who never contributed to the national pension fund. As FreeHungary has reported earlier there are several villages near the Hungarian-Ukrainian border, where over one hundred Ukrainian citizens are listed as residents. The DK's slogan reads: "Hungarians should not pay for the pensions of Ukrainians!"
Thus far, Mr. Gyurcsány's campaign has been perhaps the most visible and energetic of any opposition party.

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