The Democratic Coalition negotiated with trade unions about the representation of workers

The Democratic Coalition (DK) supports the proposals of the White Book for workers, which is a document adopted by the Hungarian Association of Trade Unions (MASZSZ), and the party said that it will try to carry out most of them, if the DK wins the election – MTI reported.

Ferenc Gyurcsány, the chairman of DK, said that the aim of the party is to bring back decent working conditions and workers' rights and regarding this issue the main partners of the party are the trade unions. According to the Chairman, one of the key aims of the party is to ensure that hard work is adequately compensated and that workers are not dependent on the goodwill (or badwill) of their employers.
DK and MASZSZ agreed that wages have to increase above the rate of inflation for several years. The minimum wage has to be increased at least to the subsistence level and the wages of public workers must also reach the minimum wage. He said that the gender pay gap must be abolished and he underlined the necessity of a more flexible pension system.
Gábor Nemes, who will represent the DK in the 13th district of Budapest in the election said that the negotiations are dating back as in the past few years the worker's side felt that they became more and more vulnerable. The DK offers the possibility that the representatives of workers get seats in the Parliament – he said.

Last Updated on Thursday, 01 February 2018 09:42