Gyurcsány cooperates with Bajnai’s former ally

The Democratic Coalition and the Szolidaritás movement concluded a cooperation agreement for the 2018election 2018 on Saturday in Budapest. The agreement was signed by Ferenc Gyurcsány, chairman of DK and Sándor Székhely, chairman of Hungarian Szolidaritás Movement.

Csaba Molnár, vice-chair of the Democratic Coalition said that the Hungarian Szolidaritás Movement is not a party, but a non-governmental organization. As such, it is not eligible to participate in the national parliamentary elections, but DK can provide it with the possibility of parliamentary representation. Consequently, the movement can present candidates for the individual and the party lists next spring.
Ferenc Gyurcsány highlighted that there is no relevant difference between the programs of the "democratic opposition parties" that could exclude the possibility of cooperation, although a large number of compromises must be reached. And for that a leader needs to be found, who can conclude the debates with a final, fair agreement – he stated. However, it is important to underline that this is the same Szolidaritás, who was present on Gordon Bajnai's side, in Együtt during the election in 2014.

Last Updated on Thursday, 14 December 2017 21:10