Former minister responsible for state security: Orbán controls elements in MSZP

On Friday, published a hard-hitting interview with György Szilvásy, a former minister in the Ferenc Gyurcsány government (2004-2009) responsible for overseeing the civilian state security services.
The following are extracts from the interview:

•On illicit funds obtained through corruption: "In Fidesz, everything is decided up top, they [Fidesz] didn't steal as much for personal gain."
•Fidesz corruption versus left-wing party corruption: "I am certain that theft coordinated from the top-down among the left. With Fidesz I know that no state investment above one hundred million forints (USD 350,000) happens by chance."
•On the Orbán-Putin Paks 2 and other controversial deals: "[The reason] is a few stuffed briefcases. There are legends... There is no reasonable explanation for what Orbán has been orchestrating, as we saw with the [Ramil Safarov extradition], the Paks 2 deal, and so much more. Everything they do is about profiting financially."
•Whether Szilvásy saw any compromising information on members of Fidesz as a minister responsible for the state security services: "Tons."
•On MSZP [Hungarian Socialist Party] MP Zsolt Molnár, chairman of the National Assembly's national security committee: "He is totally adequate for Fidesz."
•On Fidesz's relationship with MSZP: "It is not in Fidesz's interest to destroy MSZP... It is good for Orbán to have a compromised left-wing political power that he can keep in check, control — a party that steals the limelight from other [opposition] parties."
•On whether Orbán really hates the "commies": "What commies? This MSZP is not the old MSZP, and it is especially not the MSZMP [Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party]. The reality is that Fidesz took control of certain groups inside MSZP before their victory in 2010. In fact, he played a significant role in creating political groups that would later prove to be important."
•Whether these political groups include LMP [Politics Can Be Different]: "I do not want to speak more specifically without evidence I can show."
•On how he knows Orbán took over MSZP before 2010: "[Orbán] did not take over MSZP, he took control of certain individuals. I base this on the news, certain interrelations, events, and an analysis of 'nothing happening.' For instance, with respect to the National Assembly's national security committee."

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 December 2017 08:25