No deal yet between MSZP and DK

According to the pro-government daily newspaper Magyar Idők the Hungarian socialists made their latest offer to the Democratic Coalition party (DK) apropos of running together with common candidates in all 106 constituencies in the general elections in 2018.

Nevertheless the differences between the proposals of the two parties seem to be too big to make an agreement in 2017. According to the daily newspaper one of the members of the MSZP party board said that they didn't shit their pants because of DK. He also added that Mr. Gyurcsány's party would stand for some constituencies which were won easily by the socialists before. This caused MSZP to make a new proposal to DK on Friday but it wasn't accepted because MSZP wanted to step back from the former recommendation of sharing 55 to 45 percent of all constituencies between the two parties. At this point MSZP stood up for a higher proportion of own candidates. According to socialist sources the differences between the two parties are still serious in five to ten constituencies.

Last Updated on Thursday, 07 December 2017 17:57