DK chairman is not seeking to become prime minister if opposition wins elections

Democratic Coalition (DK) leader Ferenc Gyurcsány plans to be an ordinary member of his parliamentary group if his party enters government after next year's elections, or a group leader if they remain in opposition, Gyurcsány said in an interview to the daily Népszava.

"I have said it many times: I do not want to take on a role in the government," he said in the interview published on Wednesday. "Even in the hopeful case of a victory, I do not want to make the job of the prime minister in a future democratic government more difficult," Gyurcsány said, adding, however, that DK enjoyed increasing political influence. GYurcsány was already twice twice Prime Minister, from 2004 to 2006, then haveing been reelected, from 20116 to 2009.
Gyurcsány also said sentiment in DK against running a joint list with the Socialist Party was growing and this had been communicated to the Socialists several times. He added that he knew of no democratic opposition party that wanted a joint list with the Socialists. DK's overriding message concerns the need to build a united Hungary. "Those that want to govern must acknowledge the performance of Hungary's thin but existing middle-class and the achievements of the rising middle class," he said.

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 November 2017 15:36