Opposition parties question gov’t claim of “record responses” to national consultation survey

Several of Hungary's opposition parties have questioned the official number the government has given regarding the responses it has received to its national consultation survey.

Earlier this week, Csaba Dömötör, a parliamentary state secretary working at the prime minister's office, announced that the government had received a "record 1.7 million responses" to the nationwide public survey on the so-called "Soros plan". On Thursday, the Government Information Centre announced that the deadline for responding to the survey would be extended by one week so that "everyone would have a chance to voice their opinions" on the European Union's migrant relocation scheme.
Green LMP's co-leaders had a chance to briefly examine the national consultation storage facilities in Budapest last week. Ákos Hadházy said they found the government's claims about the number of returned questionnaires unfounded. Furthermore, they were told by the staff that no records were kept of the questionnaires received by the facilities. LMP said in a statement that the rigged "consultation" is not only an insult to those who have sent back the questionnaire, but it takes everyone for fools with its lies.
In a statement released on Saturday, Jobbik said "Fidesz got caught: it has been revealed for the umpteenth time that anyone can respond to the national consultation online as many times as they want using fake names and details." The party stated that while the government was saying that it has received close to 2 million responses, the administrator handling the surveys doesn't even know of 1 million. The party branded the campaign as a "complete failure" and said it was understandable why Fidesz "is resorting to increasingly nefarious and pathetic methods in its fight against Jobbik".
Együtt board leader Viktor Szigetvári said he would submit a public data request to the PM's office, the Hungarian postal service and the interior ministry to find out the exact number of questionnaires that have been returned by mail. He said that it was "very likely" that the government propaganda machine is lying about the number of questionnaires that have been sent back.
Source: MTI

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 November 2017 15:02