Gyurcsány’s party launches robocall campaign

Ferenc Gyurcsány started a telephone campaign about the dual nationals' right to vote. According to the information provided by Democratic Coalition, within 3 weeks more than 100 thousand people signed the online petition of the party, what would abolish the right to vote of those Hungarian citizens, who never lived in Hungary.

The initiative mainly concerns those people with dual citizenship, who obtained the Hungarian citizenship after 2010, based on the decision of the second Orbán-government.
"Visibly, the Hungarian people care about this issue and apparently, the actual situation hurt their sense of justice. That is why the DK started a new period of this action: from today we call the attention of those people, who haven't seen our petition on the internet, neither saw our activists on the streets collecting signatures, on this imitative" – said Csaba Molnár, vice-chair of the Democratic Coalition

Last Updated on Thursday, 23 November 2017 17:21