Gyurcsány: my wife is going to cause unconfortable moments to the Tax Administration

The head of Democratic Coalition (DK) said in an interview on ATV television that his wife, Mrs. Klára Dobrev was called by the National Tax and Customs Administration to brief them on the case of the local politician from Szombathely Mr. Csaba Czeglédy.

In Mr. Gyurcsány's view the case of Mr. Czeglédy is important because of the connection to his wife Klára Dobrev. She is going to visit the Tax Administration because this is what she is supposed to do as a citizen of Hungary. But Mr. Gyurcsány added that her wife is going to cause inconvenient moments to the Tax Administration because she is going to tell the truth. Klára Dobrev will be well prepared for the discussion and maybe she is going to be accompanied by a lawyer, too. Mr. Gyurcsány also mentioned that it's impossible for his party to stand up for a candidate of far-right Jobbik in the elections in 2018. But the support of an independent candidate like Mr. Tamás Mellár, former head of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, could be possible. He also spoke about the election programs of DK, Momentum and Together and underlined that no huge differences are to be found between them. Finally Mr. Gyurcsány said that there was no chance to build a coalition with far-right Jobbik.

Last Updated on Thursday, 23 November 2017 17:18