Hungry's ruling Fidesz slanders former PM Gyurcsany's wife

According Origo, a newsoutlet close to Fidesz, Klára Dobrev, the wife of the former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány, will be questioned by the prosecution, because her company, Altus, gave several loans to Csaba Czeglédy, the left-leaning lawyer, known for his support for the socialist party and the Democratic Coalition (DK).

The news was then replicated by all the major newsoutlets close to the government. Mr Gyurcsány alleged that Mr Czeglédy asked for financial help, however, documents, seen by Origo suggests that Altus and the lawyer signed a contract, the value of which amounted to HUF 78 million. According to Origo, the contract is professional and not something that would be made between two friends. Earlier, the National Tax and Customs Administration froze all the assets of Human Operator, a company which was linked to Mr Czeglédy and which, according to the accusations, did not pay students for their work, an allegation that is denied by the lawyer, now in police custody. Newsoutlets close to the government are suggesting that Mr Czeglédy may have caused serious financial damage to thousands of students, an accusation, that is seen as pure propaganda by the Left and which may be actually closer to the truth, since the Court obliged both Origo and the Hungarian Television to issue a retraction.

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 November 2017 20:51