DK would introduce a two-pillar pension scheme

If they came to power Democratic Coalition (DK) would introduce a two-pillar pension scheme. DK party vice-head Mr. László Varju said that the first pillar would be the pension based on labor activity.

The second pillar would be an extra payment called basic pension reaching HUF 50,000 per capita. In case of economic growth the pensions would be raised over the inflation rate. DK would also legally fix the content of the pensioner consumer basket and they would reconsider the circumstances of disability pension and early retirement. The DK party vice-head said that a big pension trick is at play. According to the government's propaganda pension is raised as a result of the government's generosity but in fact the former socialist government of Mr. Gordon Bajnai passed the law to raise pensions and to give pension bonus. According to Mr. Varju the average correction reaches HUF 12,000. The bonus reaches a maximum rate of HUF 12,000, too. Mr. Varju also added that many pensioners contacted DK because they were paid less than they expected to receive and didn't get an enhancement, either. The socialist government raised pensions as far as it was possible and Mr. Gyurcsány's government enhanced the lowest pensions, Mr. Varjú added. He also added that the 13th month retired pay was removed by the socialists because of the world economic crisis. Mr. Varju also talked at his press conference about Mrs. Klára Dobrev, wife of DK party head Mr. Ferenc Gyurcsány, to be interrogated in the case of the member of local government of Szombathely Mr. Czeglédy. Mr. Varju said that DK members take their duty as a citizen serious but the government made a political campaign to ruin Mr. Czeglédy because he was the one who investigated in the case of drug addict members of local Fidesz. Mr. Varju also answered to a question that DK wouldn't cooperate with far-right Jobbik party in the elections 2018 but to defeat Fidesz they are looking forward to the cooperation with all democratic parties.

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 November 2017 20:45