Did Gyurcsány catch the public mood?

The Democratic Coalition party (DK) launched a campaign to take back the right to vote of Hungarians who have never lived in Hungary. The party is collecting signatures for this cause, which has become extremely successful compared to previous petitions organized by DK.

Other parties decided not to stand up for the withdrawl of trans-border Hungarians' right to vote. What could be the motivation of DK's head Mr. Ferenc Gyurcsány? The issue seems to be very sensible but during the first five days 69 thousand signatures were collected online, party co-head Mr. Csaba Molnár told hvg.hu. He higlighted that the collected signatures are not fake ones and that further signatures which are being collected on the streets by DK activists are going to be added to the online ones. Head of communication of DK Mrs. Viktória Wirsching added that this is their most successful signature collection campaign of all times and it is also supported by citizens who never gave their signatures to political parties before. Mr. Gyurcsány's relevant post on Facebook was seen by 300 thousand people and 50 thousand have seen his video message, too. Mr. Gyurcsány was against the right of trans-border Hungarians from the beginning. The issue was brought up again at the opposition talks on the modification of the Hungarian election law. Mr. Gyurcsány signed the document but underlined that he wouldn't support the right of trans-border Hungarians to vote. Mrs. Wirsching said that DK feels encouraged by the huge number of signatures. So far it's unknown what DK is going to do with them. Mr. Molnár said that if 200 thousand signatures are be collected, they will use them for political pressure but he didn't go in detail.

Last Updated on Thursday, 09 November 2017 14:57