Gyurcsány is a genius, he got check mate in one move, political analyst says

According to the political scientist, the highest aim of the opposite wing at the moment might only be the prevention of the absolute majority of Fidesz. Gyurcsány's move was clever and the political space of Jobbik is increasing, hence there is a chance that the votes will be divided among the opposition parties in 2018.

Török said that at the moment we can see that the highest stake of the election in 2018, from the opposition's point of view, is the prevention of an absolute majority for Fidesz . Although, everything is possible, as in 1998 and in 2002 the MSZP and the Fidesz seemed to be the safe bet until the last minute. Török believes that the increasing of Jobbik's political space, its overturn in the central wing give a possibility that the votes will be divided among the opposition parties, the popularity of the party remains at the 2013 level, which means that the transformation into the people's party is not a bad strategy.

On the left wing, Gyurcsány check mated in one move the MSZP with the rejection of a common list, which was genius, according to Török.

Last Updated on Thursday, 09 November 2017 14:58