Former Socialist PM Medgyessy forecasts Fidesz winning the 2018 parliamentary elections

In an interview with, former Prime Minister Péter Medgyessy dismissed MSZP (Hungarian Socialist Party) as an outdated party, said LMP candidate for prime minister Bernadett Szél "offered perspective," avoided answering a question about a faction within MSZP that many believe operates as a political mafia, and said there are "historical situations" that could warrant the left teaming up with radical Jobbik.

  • Medgyessy forecasts Fidesz winning the 2018 national election with an absolute majority of seats in parliament.
  • Hungary's opposition has not been able to accomplish great political feats because "they have simply wasted time since 2010."
  • MSZP's leaders have been mediocre, which is a problem because "a mediocre person cannot be a challenger to Orbán."
  • "There is one person whose personality may evolve to the point to become a real challenger. As strange as it may sound coming from me, it's Bernadett Szél. She stands out well. She has an open and engaging personality that is capable of bringing in some fresh air. A woman sees the world differently, and Hungary could definitely use a woman female leader. This manly macho warmongering gets boring after a while and people eventually become disinterested in politics. Bernadett Szél would do good for the country. More than half of the population is female. Gender equality and the fight against sexual harassment is more credible when it comes from a female's mouth. A mother better understands the importance of family, the need to improve opportunities for a child, how to improve the conditions of those raising a child, and the strong desire for living a peaceful life."
  • The fact that Szél has been attacked by MSZP's Gyula Molnár and DK's Ferenc Gyurcsány is a good sign: "She has become an important person. If they did not attack, it would mean that she is not relevant. I am not saying she is the right solution, but I think Bernadett Szél can offer perspective. I see her as the only person who can integrate the people — not the parties, but the opposition-minded people."
  • "I absolutely do not concern myself [with the political mafia inside MSZP]. You can always say things like 'political mafia,' but you should not be talking about it, you should fight against it."
  • On whether it would be possible for the left to operate in a coalition with far-right Jobbik: "That is the art of politics. Let's admit to ourselves that Jobbik has changed quite a bit: I do not think that today's Jobbik is anti-semitic, xenophobic, and anti-Roma," and "It is not a matter of taste for the left to decide whether it likes Jobbik. There are historical situations that overwrite everything."


Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 November 2017 07:53