Gyurcsány: We need peace and calm

"We need peace and calm" said the former prime minister. According to Mr Gyurcsány , the prime minister is fighting with everyone , be it George Soros, Brussels or the migrants, as if it was a war.

"The real tragedy is that no one is willing to stay here"-he added. " The prime minister needs this atmosphere so that he can say he defended us. The real problem however is that every day issues of the people, like education and health care". "It is a real shame that Hungary is not performing well in international comparisons, we do not speak foreign languages and students are obliged to follow the outdated , very strict Prussian educational sysem." Mr Gyurcsány also criticised the poor state of the health care system, pointing out that there are less GPs and that there are more than 300 locations that are left without a GP. According to the former PM, the pensions system also needs to be revamped. " We need to get back to the problems of the pensions for the disabled as well"- he said. "There are huge inequalities within the system and this will be very painful around 2030 where the loss of the private pensions funds will be very tangible." He also added that we needed a correction in the pensions system, which should adapt to the needs of old age pensioners and not to the rate of inflation.

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 November 2017 21:11