Gyurcsany launches political campaign to rescind the right to vote in Hungary of Hungarians living abroad

The Democratic Coalition (DK) started to collect signatures to prevent Hungarians living abroad and having double citizenship to vote in Hungarian elections. This campaign was launched with Ferenc Gyurcsány's campaign speech in Kőbánya (blue-collar district of Budapest) on Tuesday.

DK's initiative is not aiming to have a referendum on the issue - they are expecting signatures of those who would answer yes to the following question: Would you agree that those who have never lived in Hungary and don't bear the consequences of their vote, should not have the right of voting in Hungary?

Csaba Molnár, deputy chair of DK said in a political talkshow that although he voted against the citizenship of Hungarians living abroad, DK is not seeking to deprive these people of their Hungarian citizenship, just their voting rights. Molnár said: It would be unfair and immoral to give a voice in Hungarian elections to tThose who have always lived in Australia or South Africa, and maybe have never even visited Hungary, never paid tax in Hungary and don't bear the consequences of their vote.

MEP Molnár, who is the campaing chief of DK recalled that 95% of those Hungarians who live abroad and cast their ballot, voted for Viktor Orban's ruling Fidesz. Without their votes Fidesz would not have received the two thirds majority.

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 November 2017 09:22