DK to initiate PM Orban's national security screening

The Prime Minister's son in law, Istvan Tiborcz (the husband of Orban's oldest daughter, Rahel) has admitted in an interview that he is one of the owner's of BDPST Ltd, which had been involved in many dubious affairs in recent years.

The company had business with both the Turkish oligarch Adnan Polat and Ghait Pharaon who was on the FBI's Most Wanted List due to support of terrorism for 25 years. This shows that the Orban family had business with international criminals and terrorists.

The Democratic Coaltition (DK) initiated the national security screening of Viktor Orban with the Interior Minister, Sandor Pinter. According to DK, Viktor Orban's international criminals' and terrorists' links bear national security risks therefore he should have the C category national security screening (every high level public servant have to have it except for the PM - editor). Hungarians have the right to know how much money coming from terrorists got to Orban's family, moreover how much Hungarian public money and from a national security point of view how much sensitive information was leaked to terrorists and criminal groups through Viktor Orban's family.

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 November 2017 09:21