Gyurcsány: LMP is the biggest obstacle to defeating Fidesz

The head of Democratic Coalition party (DK) Mr. Ferenc Gyurcsány said on a political talk show on RTL Klub television, that if the democratic opposition won 60 to 70 constituencies in the general elections in April 2018, Fidesz could be defeated. Mr. Gyurcsány also said in the television program called 'Magyarul Balóval' that LMP is the biggest obstacle to defeating Fidesz.

Three party heads debated with each other on the television program, party co-head of LMP Ms. Bernadett Szél, party co-head of Dialogue Gergely Karácsony and Mr. Ferenc Gyurcsány. The head of DK also said that there is hardly a chance for LPM to win a constituency on its own. He added that in 2014 eleven constituencies were lost because LMP didn't want to cooperate with other democratic opposition parties. Ms. Szél answered that the biggest obstacle of the cooperation is Mr. Gyurcsány himself because he is the symbol of the fall of the socialist government before 2010 and he was in large part responsible for Fidesz's victory. Mr. Gyurcsány said that the political behavior of Together, Dialogue, MSZP and DK was right because they can run jointly in all constituencies despite their political differences. The head of DK also added that Ms. Szél and Mr. Lajos Kósa (current minister and former head of the parliamentary group of Fidesz) jointly attacked Mr. George Soros at a political event in Tusnádfürdő and that LMP (and Jobbik) cooperated with governing Fidesz on issues like the election of judges to the constitutional court and that this made them inauthentic. He also added that LMP is a transforming party like Jobbik and that LMP lately explored the anti-Fidesz point of view in itself, looking for a new place on the political left.

Last Updated on Thursday, 02 November 2017 09:19