There won’t be a common candidate for Prime Minister, Gyurcsany says

Former PM Ferenc Gyurcsány gave an interview on ATV and said that his party is completely similar to the old Fidesz of 1989. They were free, pro-European and open minded, just like DK is today.

The head of DK said that politicians and the members of our society have very different point of views on the world around us. And this difference makes it difficult to cooperate and to give a common vision for the future. In addition some parties keep turning during their years in opposition. What is the warranty that they weren't for turning in power again? He also mentioned that he and his fellow politicians on the political left-wing never stigmatized the political right-wing like Orbán does his own opponents. Another example is that in his speech Mr. Orbán labelled his opponents with the phrase 'dark side'. Mr. Gyurcsány said that by the time Fidesz will publish its party list, the democratic opposition is going to have their own list, too. But he said that there won't be a common left-wing candidate for Prime Minister. Mr. Gyurcsány also mentioned the state negotiations about PM Orbán's alleged incriminating evidence that he was willing to pay for. But the story is stopped by now because the authenticity of the documents which were offered to him can't be verified. Without transparent verification he wouldn't pay for them. He finally stated not having nostalgia for the old socialist times but he understands that the society has. Orbán capitalizes from the people's drive for safety, he said.

Last Updated on Thursday, 26 October 2017 20:22