Gyurcsány: Orbán's regime is „the lie itself”

The chairman of Democratic Coalition called the Hungarian government the enemy of the civil, Europe oriented and free Hungary at an event organised in the occasion of the 6th anniversary of the party.

Ferenc Gyurcsány said that there is no possibility to make any compromise with theincumbent government, we must beat Fidesz and this should happen the soonest, therefore in 2018 and we cannot wait until 2022.

The chairman said that the regime of Viktor Orbán is "the lie itself", because in a country, where the prime minister "is lying on democracy, there is despotism, when he protects the private pension system, he actually steals it and when he is speaking about Europe, he only wants to benefit from European funds". Viktor Orbán is not the successor of 1956 or 1990, on the contrary he is the traitor of them – he said.

Fidesz became the subject of my scorn both as privite as well as a public figure – stated Ferenc Gyurcsány and he added that the actual Democratic Coalition resembles better the Fidesz in 1988, than the actual Fidesz to "the party with a similar name at that time".

Lajos Bokros, the chairman of the Modern Hungary Movement (MoMa) and Sándor Székely, the chairman of Solidarity Movement were also invited to the event. Lajos Bokros could not come to the event due to health problems but he welcomed the Democratic Coalition in a letter, in which he labelled the party the leading force of the democratic opposition forces.

Last Updated on Thursday, 26 October 2017 20:12