Péter Balázs seeks to be joint opposition candidate for prime minister

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Commissioner for Regional Policy Péter Balázs would become a prime ministerial candidate of the left-wing opposition if suitable conditions arose, reports HírTV.

In an interview on HírTV's Egyenesen program, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs claimed that although there had been no official coordination with the parties of the opposition, he would not reject being the prime ministerial candidate of an electoral alliance that includes other parties than merely the Socialist Party (MSZP) and Democratic Coalition (DK). Balázs claimed that he discussed this possibility with the background intelligentsia of the left-wing parties on numerous occasions.

Balázs also said that the parties of the opposition have many talented politicians and policy experts who could form an effective unity government that could change the current nose-diving government, if only they stopped infighting.

Earlier this week, he said that although he was not asked by any of the oppositional parties, he would not stand for prime minister. He added, that the only good solution is to have only one prime ministerial candidate instead of so many., which weakens the left of centre and liberal parties.

Magyar Nemzet contacted both MSZP and DK for comments on the possibility of Balázs becoming a joint prime ministerial candidate. According to Magyar Nemzet's sources, although the leadership of MSZP has not discussed Balázs's role, the party could support his candidacy. Magyar Nemzet's MSZP sources also noted that according to an internal survey which was conducted a couple of months ago when László Botka was still MSZP's official prime ministerial candidate, left-wing voters would like to see a moderate, consensus seeker, integrative, jovial character leading the opposition. Péter Balázs, they said, is such a character. Magyar Nemzet's sources also claimed that other parties could not say no to an offer like this.

Meanwhile, former prime minister and chair of DK Ferenc Gyurcsány told atv.hu that although he thinks that the future of the left-wing opposition is in a "big, open Democratic Party", his party wants to settle a deal with MSZP about individual constituency candidates "not a joint party list, not a joint prime ministerial candidate."

According to Magyar Nemzet's DK sources, in the current political climate, it is indeed DK's interest to compete alone in the election as they might become the leading force of the left-wing while MSZP is still trying to recover from the fallout from Botka's resignation.

Other parties of the so-called "democratic opposition" have yet to comment on Balázs's offer.

Source: mno.hu; hirtv.hu; budapestbeacon.com

Last Updated on Thursday, 26 October 2017 19:56