Hungary's Socialists fire spokesperson

MSZP party chairman, Gyula Molnár announced in a facebook post that he is removing István Nyakó from the position of party chief of press relations. According to Molnár, Nyakó has issued a bad style communiqé in relation to DK's spokesperson, Zsolt Gréczy's statement.

"Our main goal is to change the Orbán government. This goal can be achieved only in alliance. An alliance can be built with goodwill. This goodwill and the confidence have been biased due to a badly phrased communiqé - Molnár explained his decision.

Nyakó got in a quarrel with Zsolt Gréczy. "If the Socialists went to court after all hurting and unfair DK's facebook posts, then we should have a whole separate court operating dedicated to that" - the Socialists wrote in their ominous communiqé.

The communiqué went out, for which I take responsibility. In my opinion it wasn't offending, maybe ironic. The party chairman then made a decision which I have accepted - Nyakó told tabloid Blikk.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 October 2017 20:19